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  1. Apr 16,  · Paul takes the old man back to his (Paul's) apartment, the old man vanishes and Paul is left with this jar, which contains this little blue monster that looks like one of the Ghoulies. After that, things get weird as Paul hallucinates and/or dreams all this stuff/10().
  2. Ball 4ct 16oz Collection Elite Sharing Glass Mason Jar with Lid and Band - Regular Mouth. Ball. out of 5 stars with 11 reviews. $ Ball 12pk Glass Mason Jar Lids and Bands - Regular Mouth. Ball. out of 5 stars with 37 reviews. $ Ball 4ct 16oz Drinking Glass Mason Jars.
  3. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jars (16 oz/Capacity) [6 Pack] with Airtight lids and Bands. For Canning, Fermenting, Pickling, Decor - Freezing, Microwave And Dishwasher Safe. Bundled With SEWANTA Jar Opener out of 5 stars
  4. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar 32 oz [6 Pack] Wide Mouth Mason Jars With Airtight lids and Bands - For Canning, Fermenting, Pickling, Freezing - Microwave & Dishwasher Safe. Bundled With SEWANTA Jar .
  5. Shop for Arabic & English books, Jarir publications books, office supplies, school supplies, arts & crafts supplies, children development, computers & peripherals, computer supplies, smartphones & electronics, Roco products, and video games at Jarir Bookstore.
  6. The Jar Store is a national distributor of high quality glass jars and lids, including Libbey and Anchor Hocking products. Browse our online selection and contact us for more information.
  7. jar noun [C] (CONTAINER) a cylindrical container, usually made of glass, with a wide top opening, and used esp. for storing food, or the amount held by such a container: a jar of pickles / mayonnaise He .
  8. JAR files are packaged with the ZIP file format, so you can use them for tasks such as lossless data compression, archiving, decompression, and archive unpacking. These tasks are among the most common uses of JAR files, and you can realize many JAR file benefits using only these basic features.
  9. tr.v. jarred, jar·ring, jars To put into a jar. [Middle English jarre, a liquid measure, from Old French (from Provençal jarra) and from Medieval Latin jarra, both from Arabic jarra, earthen jar, from jarra, to draw, pull; see grr in Semitic roots.].

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