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Christmas Feelings - Eugene G. Viscione* - Christmas Feelings (Vinyl)

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  1. Dec 11,  · The Coldplay lyric, "It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all," loops through my brain. I've heard similarly pronounced sentiments from people I know and love. I know what they mean. I've felt those same feelings, and I have heard the same words echoed by my mother in .
  2. While Christmas is a season for goodwill unto all mankind, Christmas feeling is often lost with everyone rushing around with their own pre-Christmas deadlines and where, regardless of your religious affiliations, the end of year madness is making us lose the feeling of what is the essence of Christmas.. The festive season comes with perceived must-dos and social obligations.
  3. Dec 17,  · I don’t very often plagiarize my own column, but with this being the Christmas season I wanted to go back to my column at this time of the year in This column explains my feelings about my past Christmas experiences. Christmas is the time when thoughts turn to presents, giving and getting presents.
  4. 4. Decorating For Christmas. Plugging in the Christmas lights. One goes out and they all go out! 5. The Competitive Environment During Family Game Night On Christmas Day. Balancing your Christmas spirit and hostility towards your Dad who is a little too competitive for a game of cards is a lot more difficult than it sounds. 6.
  5. That cheerful feeling In the air With a bit of love All around The food is on the table And the presents under the tree Dinner is ready So come on, let's eat Everyone is at the table Eating their Christmas meals Because it's the most Wonderful time of the year Look out your window Thank God for letting it snow It's the best time of the year/5().
  6. The christmas feeling Lyrics: I love that Christmas feeling / It does my heart so much good / Strangers I meet all seem like friends / And the world's just a neighborhood / So here's to the joy of.

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